Thursday, August 03, 2006

More about me

These past two days I haven't done much. So I decided to tell more about myself in today's blog.
I am 30 years old and living in London for more than 10 years. I must say, I really like London. It is a really nice city, where historic and most modern architectures are layout all around. I am originally from a beautiful country called Turkiye. It is one of the few countries, where you can appreciate the beauty of the four seasons.

I born in a small mining city called Zonguldak. It is located in north of Turkey by the coast of Black Sea. I finished my high school in TED Zonguldak College, which is one of the best schools in Turkey.

After the high school, I moved to London for my further education. However, it took me around 3 years to enter my degree program (BSc Computer Science) in London South Bank University. In 2004 I graduated from university and start looking for a job in IT industry. I must be honest to say, I did not try hard enough to secure a job. So since then, I have been working as a waiter.

Obviously, it really hurts to work as a waiter with a degree in my pocket. I did not pay all that money for my education to work in a restaurant. That is why, I need to change my approach in job hunting and share this experience with others, who have similar experience. I am not going to share, what I done in the past to find a job, as it did not help me, so I don't thing it will help anybody.


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